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Once known only for its nightlife, Rimini has been able, like a chameleon, completely change its way to welcome and entertain tourists.

Long sandy beaches, enriched by all necessary amenities to provide maximum comfort to guests.

Every bathhouse, is called “Bagno”, it offers customers the classic beach services such as sun umbrellas, sun beds and cabins for changing clothes together with hot and cold showers, toilets and changing table for small children.

Sports fans can also use gyms, basketball courts, beach tennis and beach volleyball. Safe play areas for small children equipped with slides, swings and houses, Ride, entertainment service, group dances, cocktails on the beach, music and games.

Rimini is not only sea and beach.

The Roman origins of Rimini are seen walking around the old town. Tourists walking through the ancient streets, admire the Malatesta Temple (the Cathedral), the historic bridge of Tiberius, the Surgeon’s House (with the archaeological ruins of Roman times open to visitors).

The ancient city entrance gate from the Roman era, the Augustus’ Arch , will lead the tourists in a beautiful journey through different epochs.

The Medieval Palace dell’Arengo and the Church of Sant’Agostino and finally the Renaissance by the Malatesta Fortress (Castle), all monuments miraculously survived the bombings of World War II.

The great film director Federico Fellini, born in Rimini, is remembered in many ways. Were dedicated to him: a path, numerous frescos and all the roads that lead to the long seafront have the name of his film titles.

We want to remember the numerous theme parks for children and adults who are in Rimini and surrounding area (Mirabilandia, Fiabilandia, Aquafan, Oltremare, Le Navi, etc.), the beautiful Giant Ferris Wheel on Porto, the long bike path and then the party on the beach, the concerts and the usual spectacle of Fireworks.

Rimini enjoys a very interesting hinterland suitable for trips and excursions for our guests.

The Surgeon’s House

From December 7, 2007 Rimini has opened the doors of the “Surgeon’s House”, the great archaeological complex came to light in 1989 and delivered to the city after 18 years of patient restoration.
The area is spread over 700 square meters, comprises several buildings, of which the most interesting is known as Surgeon’s House. These are the remains of an ancient Roman domus dating from the second century A.D.
The excavations have brought to light other interesting structures: the remains of a late imperial house, traces of an early medieval settlement, with a large burial ground below, pointing to a significant historical stratification.
With care and patience, the Rimini archaeologists led by Jacopo Ortalli, scientific director of the excavation, gave new life to a historic heritage worldwide unique. The Surgeon’s House, with two floors, directly facing the sea, set back 1 Km from now.

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The history of Rimini – art and culture

The first human settlements date back to the Paleolithic period in Rimini and the city has also seen a succession of different populations which marked the history (Umbria, Celts, Etruscans) up the glory under the Roman Empire.

History of Rimini is diversified and there are many monuments that bear witness:

  • There are many traces of Etruscan and the Umbrian and Celtic. The Celts, for example, made the port of Rimini one of the most important among those overlooking the Adriatic.
  • Dating back to classical Greek pottery fragments that testify to the proximity to the Aegean World
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Rimini – Museums, Churches, Architectural Operas

Roman Testimony

  • Augustus’ Arch
  • Tiberius’ Bridge
  • Roman Amphitheater
  • Surgeon’s House
  • Roman Lapidary
  • Roman Domus  c/o Camera di Commercio site
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